12 Meds for Your Beach Emergency Kit

When packing for the beach we are always sure to remember the fun stuff like our new bathing suits, fluffy towels, fashion sunglasses and cute beach bag. But we must not forget that emergencies can also happen during vacation and that is why we should pack a few essential items with us. It’s always good advice to buy health insurance if you are traveling abroad and find out where the nearest care center/hospital is located by your hotel.  Hopefully you won’t need to make use of this information or any of the items below. But it never hurts to be over prepared!

  1. Pain relievers: If the beautiful view from our beachfront rooms fail to cure your headache, then you may need to go for the standard medicine.
  2. Sinus medication: Some people get stuffy when they undergo a sudden change in temperatures, so if you are going from extreme cold to hot temperatures make sure to add this to your kit.
  3. Burn relief gel: Always apply and re-apply sunscreen generously, but in case you happen to get burned it’s always good to have this handy to provide immediate relief.
  4. Neosporin: Keep it for minor cuts and alike boo-boos, especially if you are traveling with children.
  5. Thermometer: If a child starts to feel ill, it’s always good practice to check their temperature.
  6. Bandages: Again, boo-boos happen.
  7. Eye drops: The pool and ocean water can cause irritation to the eyes and this will help sooth it a bit.
  8. Petroleum jelly (Vaseline): Use it with your lotion to provide extra moisture to the skin. Most lotions are absorbed right away and the Vaseline will provide a thick oily layer that will keep skin protected for longer. Pure petroleum-based ointments are also hypoallergenic since they contain no added colors or fragrances, so they’re great for kids or people with sensitive skin.
  9. Saline solution: Make it a habit to wash off your eyes with this solution after a day at the beach/pool even if they don’t seem irritated. Washing off the chlorine and salt can prevent future irritation.
  10. SPF Lip balm: Don’t forget the lips, because they can also get burned.
  11. Baby Powder: Use some baby powder to rid your skin of all the sand that gets stuck to your skin.
  12. Aloe Lotion: apply layers and layers of lotion on you clean skin after a day at the beach. That is the best way to prevent peeling and dryness, besides applying sunscreen, of course!