4 Tips To Keep our Beach Clean

Take a trash bag: Most beaches have trash cans every few feet, but once we’re busy with the kids or relaxing on our loungers, the last thigh we want is to have to get up every time we need to dispose of an item. Take a medium size bag with you to collect wrappers, bottles, cans and whatever food leftover you may have. Just make sure to take your bag with you when you leave.

Reusable bag: Instead of taking your kids’ toys or extra belonging in a plastic bag, take them in a reusable bag. Plastic bags often get blown away by the wind or taken by waves when we are distracted and end up polluting our beaches even if unintentionally. A reusable bag weighs more so it won’t blow away as easily if you secure it. It’s also harder to forget a reusable bag behind than it is a disposable plastic bag.

Portable Ashtray: if you are a smoker, PLEASE take an ashtray with you. Cigarette butts are the single most collected item each year in beach cleanups. Cigarettes are not biodegradable, so don’t throw them in the sand just because they’re easy to cover up.

Volunteer: Make it a goal to give back a bit while you’re on the beach and spend a few minutes or hours picking up trash. Make if fun by challenging the┬ákids or your friends to see who can gather more litter in a 30 minute walk, for example. Just make sure to instruct kids to not pick up shattered glass, half-cut bottles or anything that may result in injury. Or if you enjoy long walks on the beach, just take a bag with you one day and make it a point to not stop walking until your bag is full! Bonus: It’ll give you a huge sense of accomplishment in knowing that you have done something good for the environment!