5 Must-Have Beach Toys

Going to the beach is a much different experience for adults than it is for kids. A child needs to be entertained and wants to experience the space, the freedom, the different textures and all the fun activities that only the beach can offer. To maximize the time at the beach and make the experience unforgettable, we suggest you bring some back up. Here are our choices for must-have beach toys:            

Boogie board: The classic boogie board is probably the most loved beach toy of all times for older kids. Catching waves and riding them all the way to the shore is an experience that every kid should have. Just make sure to always supervise the kids and know their swimming limits.

Beach tennis: Get active and play a little ball by the ocean. You can teach smaller kids how to play by standing fairly close to each other and then challenge older kids by standing farther and farther away as they get better.

Wheel barrel set: Kids love to play with sand and the wheel barrels and shovels allow them to really get into it. Dig water wholes, make castles or cover each other up.

Ice cream set: This set is just too cute. Any set that plays with kids’ imagination is worth investing in! This is just a sample of all the great sets available out there!

Velcro ball toss: This has got to be one of our favorite games to play among family. If you have a family of four, buy two game sets and play with both balls at the same time to keep the game fast pace and extra challenging!

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