6 Unusual (and Amazing) Flying Tips

The tips below are mostly for passengers that will have to endure a long flight. So if you are traveling from overseas to visit the World’s Most Famous Beach and stay with us at the Hawaiian Inn, these are perfect for you:

Exit row: Many people like the exit row because you get more leg space! But did you know that the first exit row doesn’t recline? Only the second exit row reclines, so if that is a priority for you, don’t pick these seats! If you end up in the non-reclining row just tell your flight attendant you don’t feel comfortable performing the safety emergency procedures and they’ll try to find a passenger to switch with you!

Pick the back seats: Wait, what? Everyone loves to pick front seats as they are the first ones to be served the food and drinks, away from the lavatories and you get to disembark first when the plane lands. Well, everyone prefer those seats so they will always be filled! If you are going on a long trip, pick seats in the very back of the plane and you have a much better chance to have a couple of seats or even the whole row of seats for yourself.  When you get to claim all three seats and sleep throughout your 8-hour flight you will thank us! Plus, according to Popular Mechanics analysis the back seats are the safest ones in the plane!
Order a meal: When making a reservation online you are able to select a meal with dietary restriction and that will ensure you get the meal you want. They only have a few of those on board so they are saved for the passengers who request them. So if you seat all the way in the back you don’t have to worry about them running out of good meals!
Wear socks: Socks are not only great to keep your feet warm in flight, but also to keep you germ-free through TSA. You will have to remove your shoes when going through security in the airport, so do yourself a favor and wear socks. Thousands of traveling feet step on the same floor you will be stepping on, so don’t go barefoot. Pack an extra pair of clean socks for the flight, so you can remove your dirty socks and put them in a plastic bag to be washed later.
No pills: An obvious, but overlooked tip is to not take sleeping pills if traveling alone. You never know who will sit by you and you won’t have a way to ensure that you or your belongings will be safe if you are in a deep sleep. Also, if there is an emergency during the flight you will need to be sound and perfectly aware to take proper safety measures.
Privacy screen: Buy a privacy screen protector for your laptop, tablet or smartphone if you will be working during your flight. That will keep your information private. The private screen will blocks your neighbors from seeing what is on your screen, so you can work without being afraid of sharing sensitive information.