A day outside of Daytona Beach 

If you are coming to Daytona for a vacation but have some time to explore a little bit more of what Florida has to offer, then this post is for you. There are plenty of things to see in Daytona, but with so many attractions located nearby it’s hard to resist a side trip. Here are our top choices for you to explore outside of Daytona:

Kennedy Space Center: Located in Cape Canaveral, this will be a trip of about one hour and fifteen minutes each way, as it’s about 75 miles away from the beach. The whole experience at the Space Center is amazing as the place is huge and filled with out-of-this-world stuff (no pun intended). If you are traveling with kids, it makes the whole trip even more worth it. The visit will truly be the coolest history class they ever had, and it’ll all involve spaceships and lessons on how technology has advanced throughout the years. Our favorite part is the Space Shuttle Atlantis that you get to see up close. Most people probably have no idea of what the true size of a spaceship is, since they only get to see it on TV or from far away. This shuttle will leave you amazed at the immensity of it. It’s absolutely breathtaking and incredibly interesting! Admission prices begin at $50 for adults and $40 for children.

Theme Parks: You’re probably aware that Disney, Universal, Sea World and other theme parks are just an hour away from Daytona. To be honest, making a day trip to the theme parks may be quite tiring. We would suggest planning to take this trip from Daytona in the beginning or the end of your vacation and just getting a hotel room in Orlando. Walking all day long at a theme park and then hoping in a car even for just an hour can be pretty exhausting. For affordable and great accommodations, check out staySky Suites if you’re going to Universal or Hawthorn Lake Buena Vista, if you’re visiting a Disney park.

i-FLY Orlando: If you’re looking for adventure, this indoor skydiving tunnel is the place to go. You’ll experience the sensation of flying in true free fall conditions in a vertical wind tunnel! The adrenaline rush and the feeling of extreme freedom are priceless and just about anyone can fly. There is no previous experience necessary and people from ages three to 103 have braced the winds, so it’s an experience the whole family can enjoy. If someone in your party decides not to join, they can take tons of pictures and videos from the observatory room that allows them to witness the whole flying experience.