Beach Favorites- Beauty Edition

You’re going to the beach and can’t hide the excitement, but are you beach ready? Some people can go to the beach with just their bathing suit and have the time of their lives, but if you need all of your gear with you to make sure you still look flawless after your beach trip… then this post is for you!

  1. Polarized sunglasses: We know that everyone would rather enjoy the sight of a crystal-clear, blue ocean view with their bare eyes. Let’s face it: sunglasses always darken the picture and make your amazing view “brownish.” But now polarized sunglasses allow you to enjoy the view while protecting your eyes. Polarized glasses are usually more expensive, but they are worth the investment. The colors come through the lenses in a much clearer and brighter way and you can see your favorite beach colors in the most accurate way possible! Seriously, if you are hesitant please give it a try. You can thank us later!
  2. Oversized hat: Caps and visors are fine, but a better option is a hat that will reach close to your shoulders. That will provide extra shade to protect your neck and cleavage area that are just as sensitive as the skin of your face.
  3. Lip balm with SPF: Lips are usually an overlooked part of the body when it comes to applying sunscreen. Pick a lip balm that smells pleasant to you and has at least a 15 factor of protection and reapply often.
  4. Non-comedogenic Sunscreen: Protecting the skin from UVA/UVB rays is the most important part of being beach ready, but we all have experienced break outs after repeatedly using sunscreen on our face. Using a product with a non-comedogenic formula, which means it won’t clog pores and let’s skin breathe is the best solution for this common issue.
  5. Baby Powder: last but not least, this hidden secret is the best way to clean off sand without getting your skin all scratched up. Take a miniature-size baby powder with you, which you can easily find in the travel-size aisle at Walmart, and sprinkle a bit on your hands or feet to easily remove sand residue before getting back into the car, picking up your favorite book or eating your packed lunch!