5 Super Cool Beach Gadgets

Going to the beach is fun on its own. Watching the ocean waves crash, feel the wind on your skin and charge on some Vitamin D under the sun require no real effort, but if you like to leisure around in comfort, here are a few gadgets we suggest you get:
  1. Sand cup: This cup is the simplest solution to a futile problem. Yeah, you’re at the beach, so sand is expected. But let’s be honest: nobody really enjoys the Milanese Chicken feeling you get after having sand sprinkled at you every time you pick up your drink straight form the sand. This cup goes straight into the sand and will even hold your other belongings like your phone or reading glasses. It is light, so it won’t add too much weight to your, already packed, beach bag. And if you’re going to get it, you might as well get a cute monogramed or personalized one. It’s a win win!
  2. Book e-reader magazine: I can’t think of anything more relaxing to do at the beach than read. I struggled to let go of paperback books for a while, because I just love holding a real book and flipping each page as the story unfolds. But once I got my Kindle, I quickly became a total e-reader convert. I can’t tell you how convenient these things are. The one I have is the Kindle paperwhite that has a touchscreen display that reads like real paper. There is no glare even under the bright sunlight at the beach and no need to worry about battery life, because it lasts for weeks at the time. You can send yourself PDFs, download magazines or books, so basically you can have various reading items without having to carry a whole library with you. Seriously, I couldn’t recommend it enough.
  3. Water cover for phone/ e-reader: Now that you have your e-reader, it’s time to dress it up. I like to put my chair in the water so when the waves come they wet my feet and my toes can play in the wet, bubbly sand. Problem is that you never know when a big wave may come, or a kid will decide to take a dive and splash all over you. There are tons of options for waterproof cases and some cost as much as the device itself. My suggestion is: DO NOT stress about getting a really expensive case. I bought one online for $10 and it has served me very well. The downside is that the touchscreen plastic adds a little glare to your read, but it really doesn’t bother me much. It’s worth the peace of mind of having your device protected. And you can also stick your phone in there as well!
  4. Multitasking towel: This towel is so awesome. It has a pillow and a couple of side water-resistant phone pockets that are touchscreen, so you can play with your phone without getting sand or water all over it.
  5. Beach toys: If you have kids and plan on doing any reading, relaxing or napping at all, then you are going to need toys! And even then… you know you still might not get too much time for yourself. But if you get some creative toys that step outside of the “bucket and shovel” box, the kids may actually be entertained for minutes at the time (We all know that the “hours at the time” expression doesn’t apply to kids EVER). So, do some online research and pick a beach toy kit that matches your kids’ personalities. It may be an investment, but it will be a worthy one if you get to buy yourself some “alone” adult time!