Beach Summer Safety

summer sunset over ocean

July 8, 2016

There’s no better summer vacation than a trip to beach to relax on soft sands, swim in salty water and sip umbrella drinks while soaking up some sun. But summers in Florida are very intense and HOT, so to help ensure that your dream trip doesn’t turn into a headache we have compiled a few tips to ensure you have a safe and memorable time with us at the Hawaiian Inn Resort in Daytona Beach:

Sunscreen: This is an obvious tip, but we must remind you to not only apply it when you arrive at the beach, but also after swimming or every couple of hours since you will be sweating and the sunscreen will lose its efficacy. Don’t forget to get your scalp if you don’t plan on wearing hats, ears and feet. Also, lip balm with UV protection for the lips.

Shade: Don’t underestimate the power of staying under the shade. There is no amount of sunscreen able to protect you if you spend 12 hours under the sun. Kids love to swim, build sand castles and play in the sand, so it can be quite hard to keep them under the shade for too long. We suggest getting an umbrella to place over them as they play on the sand. Even small breaks from the sun can be quite helpful. Take a trip to our indoor pool for a fun break where kids can still swim while resting their sensitive skin.

Clothing: If your child refuses to stay under the umbrella for long and hates the constant sunscreen routine, you must get them a bathing suit that covers the shoulders, belly and thighs. The “surfing” outfits actually keep the skin cool when wet and are very comfortable. Just make sure to get one of a thick enough material and not get a color that is too transparent as the sun will still harm the skin through your clothes.

Accessories: hats, sunglasses and beach cover-ups are a must! Mare sure sunglasses offer UVA and UVB protection.

Hydration: Heat strokes and dehydration are no joke. They are serious conditions that can truly ruin your trip if you don’t follow the above tips. Make sure to drink plenty of water as you are constantly sweating. Water, juice, coconut water and sports drinks are the best option to keep you hydrated and well.

Extras: Make sure to follow the tips above even when the day is overcast. UV rays can still affect you even if the sun is not out. Always supervise children in the ocean and the pool. We do have a kid’s pool at the Hawaiian Inn but children should not be left unattended even in shallow waters.

The beach is absolutely wonderful this time a year, so be sure to enjoy it responsibly! We will see you soon at the Word’s Most Famous Beach!