Best Beach Blogs

Going to the beach is absolutely amazing! You don’t need much to help you relax when you’re at the beach, because just the sight of an endless ocean, blue skies and sunshine are sure to erase the stress away. But you can always use a few great tips on what to bring to the beach that will make your trip even more awesome! Here are a few of the best blogs offering advice, tips and tricks about anything beach related!
Quick tricks: Yes, we all know about the phone in the Ziploc bag trick, but somehow we continue to forget to pack the Ziploc and only remember them when your phone is already filled with sand! This blog has five tricks that you definitely should try!
All out: This blog has the most extravagant ideas. From a giant beach ball to an inflatable beach volleyball court… these are most likely thing you won’t be able to do. But they also mention some cool tricks like taking a fitted bed sheet to the beach to avoid getting sand in your personal “island”. Very worth checking it out!

Just Genius: This blog has fun beach games, gadgets, packing tips and even fashion advice! Such smart advice that we should all take note!

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