Best Salty Beach Snacks

June 4, 2015

The beach is always better when you have snacks! It’s easy to go for the norm and pack chips, a sandwich and some canned beverages. But we want to help you think outside of the box and pack healthy and delicious snacks that won’t compromise your beach body! If you’re staying in a hotel that has a Kitchenette like the Hawaiian Inn, you can keep these items in the fridge and then use a beach cooler to keep them fresh throughout the day. Here are our picks:

Boiled eggs:
How easy is this? You’ll have a high-protein snack that literally takes 10 minutes to make. Take some Dijon mustard packets or alike sauce if you like to have something to dip them in!

You can buy a frozen bag of this high-protein green soybeans and just let them thaw at the beach! Savor them as is or with a sprinkle of salt or splash or soy sauce!

Baby carrots & hummus:
Buy a family-size hummus and take baby carrots or celery sticks to scoop up the hummus. If you don’t like hummus try a light version of Ranch, instead.

Cheese strings:
Who doesn’t love cheese? This is a smart snack as the fats in the cheese will keep you full for longer and satisfy your craving for a salty snack! Take a few crackers to enjoy with it, if you like!

Coconut water:
 You’re going to need some liquid to down all these snacks with and rule number one at the beach is STAY HYDRATED. Coconut water contains easily digested carbohydrate in the form of sugar and electrolytes and it’s usually healthier than sports drinks, juices and teas. The easiest way to get coconut water is buying the canned kind, but make sure the one you buy doesn’t have a bunch of added sugar and other ingredients. The rule of thumb is the least ingredients, the better!