The Coke Zero 400 weekend in Daytona Beach

June 24, 2017

bright color buildings in Daytona

Daytona is not only known for having the Worlds Most Famous Beach, but also for its many NASCAR events that thrill and excite guests from all over the world every year. We are fast approaching this year’s Coke Zero 400, so we would like to guide you on how to most enjoy your time in Daytona during this amazing event.

The Coke Zero 400 Powered By Coca-Cola will happen on July 1st, which is a Saturday   So if you are coming to stay with us at the Hawaiian Inn Resort  to enjoy this racing event, we suggest that you book now and stay the whole weekend!

As summer just started, you will have plenty of daylight to enjoy the beach, the event and even explore the Daytona Beach a bit more if you stay for the weekend. So here are the things you can’t miss during this Motorcross weekend of fun:


Concert: Head on to the Daytona Bandshell for The Bandshell Live Summer Concert Series on Friday night. The Van Halen Tribute “1984” concert starts at 7pm on Friday. Arrive earlier to walk around the beach, grad a drink, do some shopping or even catch a movie at the movie theater onsite.

Sunrise: Catch the sunrise over the ocean from the balcony of any of our beach-view suites. Sunrise is expected to happen at 6:28am on Saturday, so make sure to set your alarm to have time to brew some coffee and enjoy this spectacular view form the comfort of your suite at the Hawaiian Inn. We know it’s early, but we guarantee that the view will be beyond worth it.

Speedway: The events start early at 8:00am at the Daytona Speedway, so make sure to look up the schedule of events here, so you can program your day according to the events that most interest you and your family.

Fireworks: The fireworks are set to start at 10:15pm, so grab some ice cream and gather the family to finish the night off admiring the amazing pyrotechnic display!  

Poolside: After a long Saturday of fun, you deserve to relax. Make no plans for Sunday and just enjoy the outdoor pool at the Hawaiian Inn while listening to some music and enjoying cold drinks from our onsite Tiki Hut. If you are planning on checking out on Sunday, we will be glad to hold your luggage for you until you are relaxed enough to get on the road!