DIY to Save for Your Beach Vacation

Nothing washes the stress away better than a beach vacation. If you are looking to save some money to be able to afford a unforgettable vacation in a beautiful beach like Daytona Beach to stay with us at the Hawaiian Inn, we want to help you! Here are some of the “do it yourself” projects you can start doing to save some money fast:

I know it is pumpkin season and there’s no way you can live without your pumpkin spice latte. Well, you don’t need to live without it. You just need to learn how to make your own instead of spending $5 (I’m not kidding. The smallest size costs $4.74). Here are some recipes we gathered on Pinterest for you to try. Here is over the stove-top recipe. Or, if you’re feeling extra lazy, here is a slow-cooker one. And when we say Starbucks, that is just an example. Swap this example for whatever item you have the habit of buying (soda at the gas station, dessert from the nearest bakery or candy bar from the vending machine)

Nails: Going to a salon to get a professional Mani/Pedi costs a fortune. There’s no excuse here. Instead of spending $50 just learn the basics. Firs file the nails, then moisturize and push back your cuticles. Dry your hands and apply a basecoat before painting them. And if you make mistakes just clean it with a pointed Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover. Here is a DIY link.

Eating out is a great but a huge drain to your bank account. You don’t have to go all out when making your lunch. Just pick a few ingredients you like and get in the habit of making a sandwich, a cold wrap or a salad before going to bed. Also pack your snacks to avoid buying stuff from vending machines or nearby stores that will charge you double for that fun-sized bag or chips or can of soda. Check out these quick lunch recipes!

The suggestions above really shouldn’t be very hard to implement and over a one year period they could save you around THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS!

  • $50 every two weeks for a mani/pedi is 1300 a year! Say what? That is insanity!
  • $7 spent on a daily lunch 3 times a week is $1092 a year! (if you go for 5 days a week that is $1820)
  • $4 for one coffee at Starbucks 3 times a week is $624 (if you go for 5 days a week that is $1040).

All of the above together comes out to $4160, but since you will still have to buy your groceries and supplies for the DIY projects that is not truly the amount you will be saving. But for all of your nail supplies you shouldn’t need more than $40 total. A coffee made at home literally costs a few coins, but if you want to go fancy we can say $5 a week for the ingredients and for the food, we can just estimate a cost of $3 for each homemade lunch. All together that is $1080! 4160-1080 = 3080!

So, yes! A whooping $3,000 if you didn’t believe me earlier! What are you waiting for? Start saving to come relax with us poolside very soon!