How to Travel More- New Year’s Resolution

Hawaiian Inn pool with people sunbathing

A new year means 365 days of new opportunities! Make this year count by setting goals that will add more joy and relaxation to your life! Making a point to travel more can really help you achieve these goals. But what do you have to do to ensure you can take a dream vacation this year? Here are a few tips:

Budget: First, you will need to assess your budget. Find a free phone app like Level Money to help you track your monthly expenses for at least 30 days. Then, factor in your income and try to see what kind of things you can cut out of your life. Having a trip to look forward to makes cutting out things much easier, because you know you’ll have a big reward at the end.

Research: Based in your budget, start looking up prices for your dream vacation so you can be familiar with what average prices look like and to be able to recognize a big sale when it happens. For example, if you are coming to Daytona Beach to visit the World’s Most Famous Beach, you can sign up for our email list for the Hawaiian Inn Beach Resort and receive our weekly offers directly in your inbox. That way you’ll be first to know when there’s a sale going on. Do the same for a couple of airlines or just set up a google alert with keywords like, “cheap airfare” “airfare sale” and so on. Extra tip: booking a suite that offers a kitchenette can really help you save some money as you won’t have to eat out as much! To see some of Hawaiian Inn’s beautiful oceanfront suites, please check out our website.

Save: Now that you’ve tracked your income and expenses and have figured out how much you think your vacation will cost you, it’s time to get a little frugal. That will depend on how much wiggle room you have to save, but we can all find ways to save a bit every month. E.g.: do your own nails, cancel your cable and get Hulu and Netflix instead, reduce the amount of times your family goes out for dinner by cooking more often, forgo expensive grocery items like special cheeses, expensive wine and assorted candy. Whatever it may be, find a way to make those extra dollars count. Remember, you will get a VACATION out of this!

New income: Lastly, find a new way to bring in extra income if you can. Check out this article with 29 ways to make more money.

Traveling more often is definitely one of the wiser New Year’s resolutions one can make, because making memories is simply priceless! We hope you have a wonderful 2017 filled with vacations and unforgettable moments!  We will see you soon at the Hawaiian Inn Beach Resort!