Packing for a winter beach trip in FL

You want to run away from the cold storms that are taking over the north of the US and come catch some sunshine in Florida, but are unsure of what to pack? No problem! We have got some tips for you if you are coming to Daytona Beach to stay with us at Hawaiian Inn this winter!

drawing of clothing items

Florida has a quickly-changing weather that can be very inconsistent, so you will need to be flexible when packing. You won’t need your snow jacket, but definitely bring a cardigan and a medium jacket as temperatures can drop and nights can be windy at the beach.

Bring your flip flops of course, but also bring some socks and shoes so you can play mini golf in our Hawaiian Inn Resort or just keep your feet warm on a chilly night.

Bathing suits are a must even if you are not a fan of the cold ocean water! We have an indoor pool that is heated and perfect for winter days.

Don’t worry about bringing anything too heavy like snow jackets, gloves, hats and all that jazz! It’s winter, but it’s still Florida. So even the lowest temperatures for us, usually are still pleasant for our northern friends!

Overall, the best tip is to bring clothes that you can layer on in case temperatures change throughout the day.

Finally, bring sunscreen! Just because it’s cloudy outside doesn’t mean that you won’t get burned. Trust me on this one.

You should be all set! Enjoy the view and all of the sunshine!

Hawaiian Inn  pool area- Daytona Beach, FL

Hawaiian Inn – Daytona Beach, FL