Sweet and Healthy Beach Snacks

The beach is certainly better when you have some cold and sweet treats to snack on! The easy solution is to purchase ice cream at the beach or pack your own cookies, cakes, popsicles or alike high-calorie snack. But it’s not any harder to pack your own healthy snacks and still enjoy delicious treats. As long as you are staying in a hotel that has a Kitchenette with a fridge/freezer such as the Hawaiian Inn, you can keep these items cold before packing them into your cooler! Here are our picks:

Frozen Banana dipped in yogurt:
Kids love having ice cream at the beach, but that is usually a sugar-filled snack with poor nutritional value. Cut bananas into smaller pieces and dip them in your kid’s favorite yogurt. Freeze them overnight! Roll them in sprinkles if you want to make them sweeter!

Apple peanut butter sandwich:
An apple a day keeps the doctor away. But forget about the boring apple. Spread natural peanut butter between thin apple slices for a fun, sweet sandwich! Add some trail mix or granola for extra sweetness! Tip: the least amount of ingredients listed, the healthier the peanut butter. Three to five ingredients should be what you’re looking for!

Staying hydrated is key, so eating watermelon at the beach is not only refreshing, but also a practical way to increase your water intake. Make sure they are cold before enjoying and don’t worry about making a mess! You are at the beach, after all!

Frozen grapes:
Easiest snack to make! Just pop them in the freezer and enjoy! Seedless grapes make for a better option!

Frozen yogurt:
If you still need to have the “ice cream” experience, try swapping it for frozen yogurt! But be wise, because not all frozen yogurts are healthier than ice cream. Pay attention to the label and the fat content to determine if the choice of yogurt you are buying is worth the switch. If you would still rather have ice cream, just stick to moderate portions and forget the guilt! Turn your vacation mode ON and enjoy!