Swim Your Tax Refund Away 

March 31, 2017

The ending of tax season often means a refund check coming in the mail if you overpaid for your taxes during the year or had plenty of deductions to claim. Some people know exactly where that money will go as they may have bills to pay or things that they had already planned to buy with that money. But if you are left with some money from your taxes, booking an immediate beach vacation can be the perfect match for you! Here’s why:


You work hard: You work hard the entire year, so it’s only fair that you get to spend a few days off to relax your mind and body!

Welcome to Daytona Beach sign 

Great prices: After Easter through May are still considered low season for the travel industry. That means that you can book a nice vacation for a fraction of what it would cost you during busier months like June and July. Plus, it’s already spring so temperatures are amazing and the water feels perfectly refreshing. Check out Hawaiian Inn’s website to look for the best prices in town for your accommodations in Daytona Beach.


Health benefits: Studies according to the American Psychological Association, taking time off can help relief stress and even prevent heart diseases. So, taking a vacation is truly an investment in your health. And what better way to wave goodbye to stress than lounging on a hammock by the pool, listening to the ocean waves and sipping on a cold drink?

 Hawaiian Inn Hammock View

Improved production: People are often way more productive at work when they take time to vacation. After a beach vacation you’ll get home feeling relaxed are motivated to get back to work and earn more money for your next amazing vacation!

The beach is a real miracle worker when it comes to improving your health. Check out this article on the medical benefits the beach will bring you if you are still not sold on booking a vacation with us at the Hawaiian Inn! We look forward to showing you a fantastic time in Daytona Beach!