Why choose Daytona Beach?

October 21, 2016

There are so many amazing beaches in Florida that it can be very hard to pick one for your beloved beach trip. But we truly believe that Daytona is one of the best and is a beach you MUST visit while in Florida. Here’s why:

The beach: first and foremost, the beach is breathtaking. The ocean is the most perfect shade of blue and the beach extends itself for miles on end. We highly recommend staying at a beachfront resort like the Hawaiian Inn where you can take in the beauty of this place from the moment you wake up.

sunset over beach

The history: Daytona has been called “World’s Most Famous Beach” since the 1920s, but Daytona Beach was actually founded back in 1870 and officially became a city in 1876. The city offers s a mix of historical and modern sites that will be sure to please everyone in your party.

The party: Daytona can really host wonderful parties during special events like Spring Break, Bike Week, Biketoberfest, Daytona 500 and more. If you are looking for a good time, you got it!

The family atmosphere: Although you can party if you like, you can also simply relax with your family and enjoy the lovely small-town feeling that Daytona offers. Take a walk along pier, have some ice cream at the beach and build sandcastles on the sand. We have plenty of repeat guests at Hawaiian Inn, and that is because you will definitely make unforgettable memories and be tempted to come back time and time again.

family running in ocean

Parking:  You can actually park your car on the beach, so guests can bring their coolers in and don’t have to worry about walking miles hauling chairs and umbrellas to the beach. Plus, the ride to your perfect parking spot is always a unique one, because there are no two equal rides on the beach. The tide, the crowd, the sky… it will always be different each time!

We hope you choose Daytona Beach for your next vacation! We will be ready to host you at the Hawaiian Inn and greet you with a welcoming “aloha” every time!